Beckford's will look after the requirements of any type of funeral

Modern living and a multitude of belief systems prevalent in our society have caused a trend shift in the way funerals are held.  Over the last century, funerals and the attitudes towards them have changed from a sombre period of mourning, to a celebration of life.  This change in attitude has somewhat reinvented the traditional funeral to meaningfully commemorate the life of a person. 

But what kind of funeral do you want?  Whilst it’s viewed as refreshing to have so many different options available, it can be a little daunting figuring out how your own beliefs fit into a funeral type.


  • Traditional
    A traditional funeral is based on Christian beliefs with the choice of readings and hymns to accompany the ceremony and can incorporate at your request, a life-centred element.  This type of ceremony would normally be carried out in a church or chapel.

  • Life-centred
    A funeral usually conducted by a civil celebrant which can be life-centred and include non-religious and religious material.  Sometimes held in parish halls, community centres or Le Foulon Chapel and smaller funerals can be held at some funeral homes.

  • Humanist
    A humanist funeral ceremony celebrates a life without employing religious rituals and is conducted by a humanist celebrant. As humanists are atheist, they are unwilling to include religious hymns or words. They are life-centred funerals with tailored personal touches. Much the same as a traditional funeral, time is taken for poems, music and reflection. 

  • Bespoke
    It is also possible to incorporate elements of different funeral types for a completely bespoke service.

  • All Faiths
    Each faith including Jewish, Hindu, Muslim and Baha’i has many different funeral rituals and all requirements are accommodated by Beckfords Funeral Services.