A complimentary and confidential service

Beckford's offer a complimentary and completely confidential ‘Expression of Wishes’ service.  This allows you to have the funeral you want and save your family from organising and deliberating over decisions, so they have peace of mind and can rest assured knowing the service is just as you wished.

Perhaps there are some special items such as photographs or jewellery that you would like to take with you, maybe you’d prefer a biodegradable or personalised coffin or a secular ceremony. Whilst all of the elements of a traditional funeral remain, in addition, or instead of, there are many options available to make your funeral a personal send-off, tailored to your wishes.

Stating your ‘Expression of Wishes’ is a complimentary and completely confidential service from Beckfords.  You simply fill out a form which guides you through everything you need to consider and just leave it filed with us or with your personal documents such as wills until the time comes.  This is a free service and the Expression of Wishes for your funeral can be changed at any time.

One of our experienced funeral directors can talk you through the options. All you do is make your preferences and we can keep this on file for whenever the time comes. There is no charge to express your funeral wishes with one of our team.

"Peace of mind for your loved ones when they need it most"