The importance of making a Will.

Wills, inheritance & estate planning are essentially about the living. That may seem contradictory, but we believe that while dealing with the estates of the deceased, we are very much working with those left behind.

By leaving a will you leave your affairs in order therefore simplifying matters after you have gone and, for those of us who like to be in control, giving yourself the chance to have the final word!

Local law firms can help you organise and plan your affairs, and protect and preserve your own interests and those of your family, both now and in the future, by advising on inheritance issues, your wills and estate planning and offering guidance on the duties, rights and obligations of trustees, executors or beneficiaries.

For more information about making a will, we can recommend speaking to Collas Crill Group Partner, Joanne Seal. 

Joanne Seal

Collas Crill

(SOURCE: Collas Crill, Guernsey)