"Grief is the price we have to pay for love, it is the cost of commitment."

Our Managing Director, Jane Duquemin has put together some thoughts relating to grief.

"There are no right or wrong ways of dealing with grief.  Grief is personal and we all grieve in different ways.   Children tend to be quite resilient in the way they handle grief and for them life continues and moves forward quickly.

We will all experience the loss of a loved one at some point in our lives.  If the loss has been expected and the process of dying has been painful and drawn out this often gives the family a sense of relief knowing that their loved one is no longer in pain. This can often be followed by a sense of guilt for feeling that way.


An unexpected death, not being able to have the chance to say goodbye to your loved one may leave one feeling bitter. 

 “What do you say to someone who has lost someone dear to them?”  From personal experience we have found that it is good to talk about the person who has passed away.  After all they have lived a life and acknowledging this and dwelling on the happier memories is all part of the healing process.   Avoiding mentioning their name can often be seen to be hurtful and insensitive.

 Do we ever get over the loss of a loved one?  I don’t think you do, there will always be the empty space, birthdays, anniversary dates you remember, but as time goes on the pain diminishes to the extent that the sadness turns into remembering and laughing about happier times."

 Beckford’s work closely with the Guernsey Bereavement Service.  Should you need advice or counselling please contact them on 257778.



Our Bereavement Guide provides a practical guide following death, how to deal with bereavement and what to do when faced with the loss of a loved one.

Bereavement cover 

There are also a number of local organisations who can help during times of loss and bereavement

Les Bourgs Hospice, Rue du Tertre, Castel Tel: 01481 251111

Guernsey Bereavement Service Kingsland - House, Les Basses Capelles, St Sampson Tel: 01481 257778

Bereavement Helpline Tel: 01481 251056 

The Samaritans, 2 Forest Lane, St. Peter Port. Tel: 01481 715515

Citizens’ Advice Bureau, The Bridge, St. Sampsons Tel: 01481 242266

Barbara Quesnel - Health Visitor (The Stillborn and Neo-Natal Deaths) – for parents whose child died soon after birth or was stillborn. (w) 01481 725241 ext. 5275

Guernsey Sands (Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Society) Provides support and care to anyone affected by the death of a baby in Guernsey. To contact email guernseysands@gmail.com

The Sunflower Project @ The HUB Tel: 01481 724421 (Support for 11-16 year olds)

Victim Support Scheme Tel: 01481 713000

Age Concern Tel: 01481 267660

Health Information Exchange Tel: 01481 707470